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Product Development

Product Development Cycle Optimization

61% of enterprises who are the most advanced using AI and ML (Digital Champions) use fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems compared to just 12% of organizations not using AI/ML today (Digital Novices)


Accounting / Budgeting

Improve accuracy and predictability of budgeting, forecasting and planning outputs by leveraging on AI

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Production Optimization

Leverage machine learning to take your product optimization to the next level

Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

Marketing Budget Allocation

Empower your teams and strategy by connecting all your marketing data and KPIs automatically.


Fraud & Debt Analytics

Leverage machine learning to detect fraudulent and unusual financial behavior

AI Solutions create significant value for business

AI solutions can transform your business, boost your sales by up to 35% and
reduce your operating costs by 60%.


For AI Solution Providers

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Newly Added Products


Labeling AI

Labeling AI is a deep learning-based tool that automatically annotates large amounts of data based on a small amount of pre-labeled data available.


CIRA Digital Assistant Platform

Digital Assistant platform for finance, with proven category-leading customers in wealth management and insurance.


AmberFlux Concerto

AmberFlux Concerto enables enterprises for integrating internal/external applications, business applications and Edge devices for AI.


Kepler AI Business Platform

Kepler is a SaaS AI business platform that redefines how enterprises work with data by scaling AI-powered decision-making capabilities.

From retail to banking, customer service and marketing to operations and supply chain, every day new AI solutions are emerging in every industry and functions. Find out about new AI products & solutions and keep abreast of the latest innovation by following appliedAI

"We are now solving problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence that were ... in the realm of science fiction for the last several decades... AI is an enabling layer that will improve every business."

Jeff Bezos CEO of

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