The first Ukrainian business club for young entrepreneurs. At the start, all business founders need a supportive shoulder and a wide net of connections. YBC giv

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What we faced: lack of detail in the technical task due to the busy schedule of the company, ybc completely relied on us in terms of the app’s logic and user flow. software fragmentation with so many android versions, it becomes challenging to create an app that runs the same way on different devices. how we dealt with it: being a friendly and experienced team, we accepted this challenge and started working on it. at our meetings, we discussed the logic and user flow, and as soon as we decided on some possible solutions, we presented our ideas to the client. the ideas were approved and successfully implemented. developing an app that runs the same way on different devices, even if it is the same os, becomes challenging. the reason is that various versions of the system software have different requirements which may result in an unpredictable behavior of the app. being a skillful team, we tested all the possible combinations starting from the oldest android versions to the latest ones and developed the app properly, relieving users of all these problems. redefine your limits with young business club and take big and confident steps towards your dreams! when you start your own business, your network has a great influence on your success. at ybc, you will find lots of people worthy to communicate and maybe even collaborate with. this is a club that unites businesses.

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