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Wrnchpc is an ultra-low-latency computer vision engine optimized for the creation of rich interactive experiences. wrnchpc allows you to capture human motion from as many people as you want without the need to wear cumbersome sensors. our frictionless ai engine is camera agnostic, ai hardware agnostic, built to integrate with all applications easily. we use reliable deep learning models to provide robust human motion capture for all activities and in any environment.

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wrnch AI

wrnch is an AI platform to digitize human motion and behaviour from standard video.wrnch is an AI/computer vision/deep learning company based in Montreal, Canada (a renowned hub for AI, special effects and game technology). The wrnch team has a wide range of skills, from deep learning to computer vision engineering to hard-core C++ game development. A post-revenue startup, wrnch was founded by a successful serial visual computing entrepreneur and is supported by knowledgeable and pragmatic investors including Mark Cuban.

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