The entire corporate life in one app We developed the SuttonsWay app for Suttons Motors Group. The app is in fact a corporate social network for the staff that

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What we faced: a mix of sobriety and lightness as the app is a working tool for the company, it should be serious enough while omitting any tension to make using the app a pleasant experience for the staff. how we dealt with it: every company wants to create a dedicated and light-hearted atmosphere for its personnel. however, it is necessary not to cross the line and keep the staff result-oriented. we combined these two goals by means of many development aspects. the app is complete with the kpi tracking system which allows monitoring the staff performance and reward employees who show high results via the shout-out section. a simple but stylish design and incorporated chat allowed us to unite sobriety and lightness. as a result, the suttons staff will have a great user experience without getting distracted by too specific design and unfriendly interface. applications like this may be the future of big companies and corporations. suttonsway is an incredibly good idea for building strong corporate culture and getting your working processes together. it was a real pleasure to work with the company that cares about their culture and strives for optimizing its working processes.

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