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The app unites recruiters and job seekers by matching a candidate’s skills to requirements set by recruiters. this is an easy and convenient way to find a dream job or a worthy candidate on the go. when recruiters and candidates are gathered in one place, there is a great choice for both parties and much more chances to find what they need. what we faced: high competition today, the internet teems with job hunters and candidates in search of beneficial positions. however, they all have alternative recruitment sources to surf. we had to make skillmatch competitive enough to make the application stand out from the crowd and bring its owners money. speed challenge the current attention span is just 3 seconds, otherwise your clients will find another app with a similar service. hence, your app should work faster than the flash. how we dealt with it: to put skillmatch on top of the recruitment world, we enabled its users to add skills to their profile and mark them with a certain level. there are 4 skill levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert. in addition, users can set the preferred location of their future job, which will significantly save time for recruiters in their search of a candidate for a certain location. although the application is feature-rich, which typically slows down the speed of an app, we still managed to optimize the app’s performance. as a result, the app load time is under 3 seconds, which incredibly enhances end user experience. competition is nothing for powercode. we will make your product unique and thus highly sought. although high competition is the most wide-spread challenge in web and mob programming, we are always happy to find new solutions and present your product or service in the best way possible by means of application development tricks.

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