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Eliminate guesswork, predict performance Developing exceptional products requires world-class digital simulation tools. Automate and accelerate time-consuming p

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Fea modeling and simulation discover advanced engineering simulation and unparalleled model control and flexibility with cad-neutral and solver-neutral technology. create, edit, and import or re-use mesh-centric fea models of components, assemblies, and systems, and obtain powerful data-driven visualization of analysis results. femap is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for prototyping and evaluating the real-world performance of products. explore the simcenter femap features seamless integration easy integration with other fems and cad solutions ensures comprehensive simulation and engineering analysis behavioral analysis prediction of system, assembly, and component behavior within specific operating conditions for better design evaluation and optimization optimum simulation full multiphysics engineering and digital simulation of functional performance under real-world operating conditions diverse application modeling solutions for a wide variety of complex processes, systems, and products across industries and applications unparalleled support top-notch support for industry-standard solvers along with seamless access to geometry from all major cad systems fully customizable access to an impressive library of custom tools and macros as well as a basic api programming environment for customization simcenter nastran solver a finite-element (fe) solver for critical engineering analysis to produce safe, reliable, and optimized designs within shorter design cycles

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Maya HTT

Maya HTT has been working hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest engineering and manufacturing companies on their journey towards digitization where AI and ML are playing an increasingly critical role: from product conceptual studies, to design optimization, to predictive engineering and maintenance analysis, automation, real-time data acquisition and analytics, to production planning and commissioning, and finally to turn resulting operational data into new businesses.

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