Scale-idriver Ic Family

The SCALE-iDriver™ Family of gate driver ICs, optimized for driving IGBTs,traditional MOSFETs and SiC MOSFETs, are the first products to bring Power Integra

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Fluxlink technology eliminates the need for short-lived opto-electronics and associated compensation circuitry, thereby enhancing operational stability while reducing system complexity advanced system safety and protection features, commonly found in medium- and high-voltage applications, enhance product reliability innovative esop package features 9.5 mm of creepage and a comparative tracking index (cti) = 600, ensuring substantial operating voltage margin and high system reliability silicon carbide (sic) mosfet gate driver ics deliver the highest peak-output gate current available without an external boost stage and can be configured to support different gate-drive voltages matching the range of requirements seen in today’s sic mosfets aec-q100 qualified for automotive applications scale-idriver ics can drive up to 8a @ 125°c junction temperature, and support 600, 650, 750 and 1200v igbt and sic inverter designs up to several hundred kw without a booster stage

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