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Accelirate’s rpa365 is an automation subscription service that provides clients with all the licensing, development, and automation support needed to put 10 automated processes into production in one year’s time. for most organizations, the main challenge in scaling rpa is the substantial upfront cost which may not yield returns until further down the line. with accelirate’s rpa365, clients pay a monthly fee for all their automation needs and see the business value of their investment as they pay. this consumption-based model enables clients to pull their investment dollars from operational expenses rather than capital expenses. similar to leasing a car rather than buying, this continuous subscription service provides new automations on a regular basis, scaling the digital workforce and furthering digital transformation while increasing roi. by combining services and licensing into one package, the client has the ease of paying one monthly fee to enable their entire automation program while accelirate handles all the licensing and infrastructure required to fully equip the rpa analysis, deployment, and development teams. rpa365e enterprise scale automation subscription service enterprises seeking to scale their automation programs may find it challenging to manage bot licenses and their respective expenses. accelirate’s rpa365e was created for the enterprise with an automation program in production looking to scale rpa at a pace of 30 automations per year. like rpa365, the program is an all-inclusive subscription that includes rpa analysis, deployment, development, and support services for one monthly fee.

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