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Rpa-coe establishment how can an enterprise establish an rpa-coe? accelirate’s coe establishment methodology helps our clients set up a center of excellence using the governance model that best fits the organization’s needs. the basic functions of a coe fall under the following five broad categories: 1vision 2strategy and governance 3methodology 4service model 5people and technology accelirate’s enterprise automation experts have constructed many rpa programs and coes from the ground up; this experience has helped us craft a proven coe methodology. our rpa-coe establishment program helps enterprises set up an automation center of excellence while avoiding the common missteps, so clients won’t have to spend valuable time reconfiguring or reestablishing a failed coe. our team understands the value of a strong center of exellence. the coe provides demand generation and management, process analysis, automation development (configuration), and ongoing maintenance and support – all critical to the success of an rpa program. our tools and expertise will help you lay the foundation for a robust digital transformation.

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