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Accelirate’s rda365 is a robotic desktop automation accelerator program designed to identify, automate, and enable desktop automation at scale within a business unit. desktop automations run alongside humans, assisting with tasks as the human employee completes it simultaneously. this type of automation can be triggered by an employee at any time to help them with personal tasks. for example, a call center representative may trigger a desktop automation when a customer phone call is answered, the bot can then quickly pull up all customer records and update the information to match across the various internal record platforms. in this case, the desktop automation not only increases customer satisfaction, it reduces the amount of time spent per customer, and ensures real-time and up to date internal records. with rda365, the client will see their business users trained to create personal and organization-wide time-saving automations through accelirate’s citizen developer university. throughout the course, the citizen developers will be evaluated and separated into “casual users” and “power users”. the “power users” are defined by the employees who become gold medalists during the training after automating 5 tasks, or 1 full process, and will be rewarded with their own bot-production citizen developer license. after the course, all the trained client employees will have access to the accelirate managed roc automation support and automation helpline, allowing them to chat or speak with a true automation developer.

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