A social media listening, monitoring and sentiment analysis solution

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Cuecent pulse is a comprehensive social sentiment analytics platform which helps you track and monitor and respond to customer posts across social media channels. pulse provides real-time updates on customer posts about your company the moment they appear on social media, with the associate sentiments and allows you to post immediate and appropriate responses and engage with the customers. the solution comes with advanced nlp engines and semantic learning capabilities. cuecent pulse helps you to understand customers’ preferences, needs and trends using sentiments about products and services. this robust solution helps you schedule and run campaigns and track effectiveness. it helps you detecting reputation risks early and take corrective actions. you can also track influencer trends and analysis. listener pulse listens to conversations in 30 languages from various source systems comprising social media channels, discussion forums and websites. the channels, once integrated, will be monitored 24x7 and the feeds from them classified based on the sentiment expressed. sentiment analysis pulse analyzes and computes the sentiments associated with social media conversations and user generated comments. the sentiment analyzer rates them as very positive, positive, very negative, negative or neutral, based on the conversation tonality based on a proven natural language processing (nlp) engine. the engine is continuously trained and fine-tuned to understand the newer language usages too. customer engagement use templatized statements to engage with the influencers/customers through social media channels. the product has a ticketing feature that helps raise tickets based on comments and posts received through social media channels. these tickets can be assigned to customer support staff for handling and resolutions. reports and dashboards the comprehensive and configurable dashboard displays results based on sentiment graph, keyword listing, word cloud, top 5 sources, top 5 opinion makers, top 5 geographic location, animated word bubbles and click through charts. graphs help you to compare yourself with your competitors based on configurable parameters including number of posts, customer interactions etc. the solution comes with contextual reports relating to keywords, users, customers, tickets. campaign management through a single unified interface, you can create campaigns and run them across all the social channels that of your choice. the campaign gets automatically posted to all the channels selected. the campaigns can also be scheduled to be triggered at a particular time.this feature allows users to monitor, engage and understand sentiments from posts that have come in response to campaigns and track the effectiveness of campaigns and the engagement. media watch pulse monitors the feeds from various online publications and dailies and tracks the sentiments of the articles or reviews written. this feature provides great insights on how the brand has been featured by media across channels. you can also post responses to them through the engagement interface and track the thread through its lifetime. competitor analysis pulse monitors the mentions about competitors and provides you with a neat dashboard that compares your performance with that of the competitor offering you great insights to help you fine-tune your campaigns / interactions with your customers. lead generation pulse helps you identify potential leads from social conversations and displays the same with ready-to-engage features. it allows you to engage with the potential leads immediately and with ease so that you may not lose out on opportunities for business. with pulse, you can keep track of all the potential leads you have engaged with, making sure that their needs have been addressed to their satisfaction.

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