Project Monitoring System tracks and monitors activities and tasks to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness for your projects.

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For any organization running projects, the success of any project management initiative is tied to the tools that they use. real-time progress needs to be tracked against milestones if a project has any chance to meet its goals and schedule. project monitoring systems(pms) are a fundamental way for organizations to optimize processes, ensuring that they offer the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness while carrying out projects throughout the company. tebs project monitoring system is one of the most helpful tools that assists project managers in being as effective as possible, regardless of the industry by automating the project management process and tracking the progress of activities and deadlines, outputs, and outcomes. with built-in collaboration features and workflow tools, the client staff and stakeholders are more proactive in ensuring that project reds are identified and rectified on time. some of the salient features of our system for our client are unified 360o view – project progress monitoring and tracking dashboards for stakeholders budget tracking – manage all budget related information centrally centralized project communications – for stakeholders and project team members project benefits realization – including – overall benefits, target vs. realized, benefits over time collaboration space – manager project documents, planner, registers, milestones etc. centrally resource management – manage and resolve all projects resources, risks and milestones easily milestones monitoring and tracking – project calendar helps identify and manage key milestones along with risk and issue logs packaged solution – product based approach ensures fast deployment with less coding scalable & flexible design – integration ready with external & internal systems mobile access – mobile responsive design for access to project updates anytime anywhere notifications and alerts – instant notification on updates, requests and approvals

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