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create, manage, monitor and deploy machine learning models


A platform to create, manage, monitor and deploy machine learning models

AI Technology:

Product Descriptions

navio allows for the collaboration of the entire AI landscape of a company. It helps to automate the process of creating, managing, monitoring and deploying machine learning models.

Business User

Leverage automatic machine learning

and get understandable results

Data Scientist

Upload & configure a model and deploy it

with a single click


Integrate a trained model into an

application via REST API


Monitor the usage and

performance of a deployed model

How It Works

  1. ´Choose your data set: Choose/upload a dataset or connect your database.
  2. Create your model: Use automatic machine learning or upload your custom model (MLflow).
  3. Understand your model: Investigate your model and get explanations of model results.
  4. Deploy your model - Put your model into production with a single click.


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craftworks is a Vienna-based artificial intelligence and software company developing award-winning predictive maintenance and quality solutions.

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