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Matter-Center for Office 365 is an inexpensive cloud solution to help legal professionals manage documents and email in the context of clients and matters. With

Product Descriptions

The matter-center mission is to simplify professional document and email management replace the paper bundle of matters one click email filing search and find all documents and email with any device, when you want, from anywhere. the microsoft matter center for office 365 framework was developed by the microsoft corporate, external & legal affairs (cela) group to provide a single view of all project-related email communications and document content, enabling secure information sharing with external parties. version history management and threading ensures provenance is easy to identify and automatic metadata tagging makes the content find-able to re-use. how matter-center is different ? we believe that business systems should be no more complex to use than buying stuff on amazon or selling on ebay. we do this with no training, so why should legal document management be different ? the matter-center journey and interface have been designed to simplify the document management experience, on any device, for intuitive productivity without training or manuals. really. low cost with the microsoft cloud platform with a focus on people and process, law firms should not have to invest in owning and feeding low level technology platforms. now that the it industry offers credible utility platforms as public clouds, we can all enjoy better globalized economies of scale for cost and service. matter-center is built on microsoft office 365 for document storage and microsoft azure as the application platform. benefits, or “so what, and why you could care” if you have a modern digital document management solution then you probably don’t, but if you are doing nothing or using an unstructured solution such as local disk, network shares, google drive, onedrive or dropbox your missing out on some great stuff: -replace paper client and matter files with electronic records, reducing print and storage costs whilst improving process efficiency with clear version and author provenance. -find and re-use existing internal ip to improve effectiveness of specialist practices that don’t rely on public precedents. -view and mark up matter content anywhere with secured mobile devices, getting things done when you want. -manage external publishing and collaboration with clients to improve service, and control proliferation of material.

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