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A mobile app that allows getting fast help on your assignments and sharing information you possess. the system is built in the following way: all members of this educational club are welcome to post their tasks to get the information needed to complete it, or they can share their knowledge and put a certain price on it. what we faced: tasks deadlines time limits are highly needed in this mobile app so that each member can get the necessary information on time. payment system members that share their knowledge need to be rewarded for their help, that’s why the payment system should be incorporated. how we dealt with it: we decided that simply showing the deadline is not enough. as a result, we incorporated a precise time tracking system so that all members can see how much time is left till the deadline. visualizing the time left is always perceived better than displaying a total amount of time. regarding the payment processor, we decided on one of the most popular mobile payment systems — stripe connect. accepting over 100 currencies, this system also allows to pay via social media and supports both android and apple pay. once per month, users can see a monthly report on their payment activity. it is a very customizable and easy-to-use way of making payments. the owners of lessons can create a unique payments form by picking their corporate colors in stripe, which will make the design of the payments form correspond to their web application. a digital helper that is always at your hand. lessons is gaining popularity and becoming a great base to share knowledge and get assistance with your assignments. it is a unique mobile app beneficial to three parties: people who share their notes, people who get help with their tasks, and the owners. the incorporated rating system for users lets you understand who you can trust when getting your helpful notes.

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