Lazarus Cds

Lazarus CDS helps clinicians make better decisions when it comes to skin cancer screenings.


Product Descriptions

Powerful and explainable an ai engine built to do no harm not only do our neural networks routinely get dermatologist-level classification accuracy, they also clearly explain every single decision, enabling you, the clinician, to feel truly comfortable with every choice you make. patient centric, clinician powered store, forward, and analyze with the presence of human error and a lack of dermoscopy, screening for melanoma over telemedicine platforms is famously difficult. lazarus cds bridges the gap by giving you a second opinion to make screening lesions over a photo significantly less risky. lightning fast lesion id search by condition, confidence, and flag lazarus cds allows you to filter your lesion photos by assumed diagnosis, confidence of the model, and flags. this saves countless hours of having to scroll through photos to find the image you're looking for. powerful clinical support with an ai trained on hundreds of thousands of images and health records, our models routinely improve the performance of physicians when it comes to screening for melanomas and cin. every decision is explainable every single clinical decision made by our systems is fully explainable and traceable. we're not a black box––we give full transparency to every decision. full integration lazarus cds integrates seamlessly with almost every major emr system. reports can also be exported to manually update a patient's record. sort by image images can be sorted and filtered by assumed condition, confidence, and flags. this lets you quickly find images per patient based on a simple query. fits in your clinical workflows lazarus cds requires no additional hardware, no additional software, works right out of the box, and fits your current clinical workflows. telemedicine option lazarus cds can also be used to have patients take images at home for review prior to coming into the clinic. we can also work with most telemedicine platforms.

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According to Mckinsey in 2016, the potential value that AI could bring to businesses was between 3.5 and 5.8 Trillion dollars. Of that value, only 48 billion was capitalized on, mostly by larger companies, about 1 percent. We believe that AI should work for every company, even those with smaller R&D budgets. Stop leaving money on the table, talk with us about how AI can work for you. We leverage the best talent (we're located between MIT, Harvard, and Tufts) to help you build your business.

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