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Far more than just automl our philosophy is delivering value from ai and ml, not just a fancy results presentation but tangible business impact. kortical the platform is the manifestation of this, assisting data-scientists to build better machine learning models, faster and to take them from prototype to enterprise scale deployment in a few clicks. build models kortical uses a patent pending blend of automl and data-scientist know-how to get the best results faster. explain models from gdpr, to regulators, to senior stakeholder buy-in, explaining how a model works is key to many industries. deploy models build, deploy, hot swap, failover, disaster recovery, audit and operations are all solved by a one-click interface.

How It Works

How kortical works for you licence our saas ai platform to supercharge your delivery capability or engage our ai consulting services to build the ai solution for you. from huge organisations like the nhs to small 6 man companies, kortical can seriously fast track ai and ml delivery. faster faster icon kortical allows you to gain competitive advantage, save on resource costs and grow your business at speed. empowering empowering icon hiring top data-science talent is tough. kortical helps you close the skill gap by enabling them to do more. value value icon go from data to roi with reduced project risk and better results immediately to drive more business value.


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Kortical is a Machine Learning platform that uses AI to create AI delivering awesome ML results in quick team. It is a platform for Data Scientists that empowers everyone from junior to senior to be able to produce amazing models and deliver amazing results.

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