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Kepler AI Business Platform

Kepler is a SaaS AI business platform that redefines how enterprises work with data by scaling AI-powered decision-making capabilities.

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Product Descriptions

Kepler is a SaaS AI business platform that redefines how enterprises work with data-driven intelligence. The Kepler platform puts AI in the hands of any business user, extending advanced data-driven decision-making across the organization to increase revenue, reduce cost and mitigate risk. Through the use of automated data science workflows, the Kepler platform accelerates time-to-value on AI projects providing accurate and timely insights for businesses looking to unlock the latent value of data. Businesses can now leverage an AI platform that augments existing teams and increases the number of successfully deployed projects.

How It Works

For Business Leaders who need to realize ROI from their data investments, accelerate the pace of execution and address an increasingly changing environment, Kepler accelerates time to value through AI automation, lowering organizational cost and risk through better accuracy and confidence in decision-making.

For Business Analysts that need to gain more accurate data-driven insights, faster, Kepler provides a user-friendly interface and the automation capabilities of an advanced AI platform to unlock more value from data to generate business insights and solutions in solving business challenges.

For AI / Analytics Teams under pressure to deliver AI projects requested from multiple functions, Kepler’s advanced AutoML capabilities increase the number of successfully deployed AI projects.


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Stradigi AI

Stradigi AI’s Kepler is an AI business platform that accelerates time to value and organizational scaling of data-driven projects.

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