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Delivering Autonomous Supply chain solutions to E-Commerce, Retailers and Distributors

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With remi ai’s intelligent inventory management, retailers and e-commerce companies can increase their cashflow by up to 15%, increase revenue and reduce backorders by 70%. using best-in-practice machine learning algorithms and simulation methods, our platform allows companies across a range of industries to increase profit and customer satisfaction. we will also be moving toward a fully autonomous supply chain. how can we help? demand forecasting e-commerce automate replenishment decisions our artificial intelligence solution delivers probabilistic & machine learning forecasts based on hundreds of different variables including weather, promotions, and holidays. this allows the business to automate millions of daily replenishment decisions across products and stores. e-commerce, wholesale, retailer ai auto replenishment optimise supply chain re-ordering auto-replenishment is the use of artificial intelligence in combination with simulation to optimise your supply chain re-ordering. the artificial intelligence is designed to not only make forecasts but to raise purchase orders. by controlling how much and when to re-order, the platform is capable of reducing competing costs - intelligent inventory management. ​ this type of a.i is aligned with your business kpis - ensuring that your supply chain is optimised toward the right goals.

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Remi AI

We deliver Reinforcement Learning Solutions to businesses, specifically in Price Optimisation and Supply Chain Management.

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