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Intranets are generally built to foster good communication and collaboration within organizations. they are used to distribute news, share knowledge, communicate between teams or groups and store documents. for this purpose tebs has developed intrasenz: intranet-in-a-box. built on microsoft sharepoint platform, intrasenz offers smart information design, focusing on tasks and documents along with encouraging collaboration to create a common ground for all employees. intrasenz provides rich integration with microsoft office, ease of content management and access to a modern user interface. the intranet provides employees with access to all the tools and information that they need to perform one day’s task, in one place, thereby improving their productivity it helps in automating and streamlining processes such as employee appraisals. it can be applied to other sophisticated processes as well the intranet supports in knowledge management and will serve as a hub of information. employees can keep adding new information in the form of documents, discussions, blogs etc. it promotes collaborative work culture among employees since employees have access to accurate and consistent information, this leads to enhanced levels of customer service companies can use various types of firewalls and encrypted technology to protect data and internal communication from hackers. the reliability of intranets is also usually strong, as companies have it staffs to manage the systems. intrasenz is used for publishing, document management, training, workflow, providing a common interface for corporate databases and business information systems and integrating email with the intranet.

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