Intelligent Face Recognition Sdk

A face recognition SDK represents a set of cutting-edge face recognition libraries that are wrapped into API and can be integrated into your infrastructure.


Product Descriptions

A face recognition sdk represents a set of cutting-edge face recognition libraries that are wrapped into api and can be integrated into your infrastructure. it allows real-time, fast and accurate face detection, face recognition and face tracking. key features: face detection and complex facial landmarks detection (eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, etc.) in images and video streams, for individuals and group of people. face recognition technology resistant to harsh lighting conditions and occlusions, allowing accurate recognition of single and multiple faces. face tracking of multiple head positions (smooth head position tracking in real time, eye-gaze and eye closure tracking). how it can benefit your business unlock access to the superior technology powered by machine learning and computer vision. verification biometric samples to establish similarity between faces. facial attributes support detection of eyes, nose, lips and skin color. biometric data extraction data extraction and storage in a binary format. ip camera support Сompatible with any cameras. accurate and fast face detection sdk detection and recognition of faces in photos and videos. cross-camera identification face tracking across multiple cameras providing the best quality services.

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