Hyperautomate invoice processing for effortless cash flow management. Improve cash flow accuracy and reduce risks and costs with an automated Invoice Processing

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Transform your invoice processing by automating your invoice processing and related workflows, jiffy.ai helps reduce the cost of invoicing by 70%, reduces invoice processing errors by 98%, and improves straight-through processing by 100%. equipped with a built-in analytics engine, our invoice processing hyperapp provides end‑to‑end visibility of the entire invoice process and provides comprehensive insights into your financial data. features intelligent invoice extraction the only hybrid invoice data extraction engine with self-learning machine models that automatically understands your suppliers and invoice formats. customizable supplier portal set up an invoice registration portal with a few clicks to onboard new suppliers with ease. configurable workflows delivers out-of-the-box configurations for routing invoices and simplifying approvals. provides flexibility to configure specific workflows for different invoice types, vendor types, and more. powerful validation engine provides flexibility in setting up validations at the generic or supplier level. business users can configure complex validations like a three-way match, po validation, and item validations with ease. case study invoice processing automated for a global manufacturer using jiffy.ai's invoice processing hyperapp, a global manufacturer was able to automate the entire invoice processing function across multiple countries. we achieved 85% straight-through processing over a 12-week period across 150,000 invoices a month for 5,000 suppliers. in action powerful data analytics generate analytics that provides complete visibility into the invoicing process, allowing you to manage and predict cash flows, fast-track book closure and provide flexibility in managing vendor payment cycles. pluggable erp connectors seamless integration with existing erp and accounting systems to complete the invoice and payment lifecycle with out-of-the-box connectors.

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