Guided Technical Phone Screen

Enable recruiters to conduct guided technical interviews with IT candidates on the phone


Product Descriptions

Give superpowers to recruiters empower your recruiters to conduct deep technical interviews of candidates on the phone. glider phone screen guides recruiters step by step to ask technical questions and to capture candidate responses. candidate skill reports are auto-generated based on this interview that can be sent to hiring managers. focus your efforts on qualified candidates recruiters often spend a lot of time scheduling follow-on calls or interviews with unqualified candidates. this results in a lot of wasted effort for recruiters and interview tax for hiring managers. with glider phone screen, filter out technically unqualified candidates right at the beginning and send only qualified candidates to hiring managers and dramatically improve your placement rates. on the job technical interview training for recruiters with glider phone screen, recruiters get technical questions that they can ask candidates and record their responses with just a few clicks with no typing involved. they just need to add the job details and skills required and glider does the rest. as recruiters conduct interviews, they get trained in conducting technical interviews on the job. this also helps in standardizing candidate interaction and improves candidate experience.

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