Foundation Ai Extract

Our Foundation AI Platform derives actionable structured data from unstructured text documents, images, videos, and audio files. Our ever-expanding library of m


Product Descriptions

Manual data entry is inefficient, inaccurate, and expensive. in a world where artificial intelligence can drive cars and read complex medical images, why do skilled workers waste up to 30% of their time on repetitive tasks like data entry? foundation extract leverages ai and machine learning to streamline and automate unstructured document processing and data entry, enabling you to focus on higher value work, increase speed and accuracy, and save time and money. explore features structure unstructured documents unlike most “intelligent” ocr systems that require new templates for each change in a form, foundation extract uses computer vision and pattern recognition to categorize documents based on their contents rather than their structure, and natural language processing and machine learning techniques to extract out relevant information. foundation extract reads documents like a well-trained person and processes them near instantaneously and with consistently improving precision and accuracy. end to end document processing capabilities foundation extract seamlessly integrates into 3rd party applications to intelligently process digital documents and text. it can sort large unstructured text files into separately categorized searchable documents, extract key content and route the processed files and extracted data directly into downstream software or storage.

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