Optimize composite parts design Fiber-reinforced plastic products have changed part design, analysis, and manufacturing. Composite design software tools enable

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Specialized end-to-end solutions support the entire product development process and embrace the complexity of composites to unlock their potential. design engineers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers alike can master part geometry, material behavior, and manufacturing processes to analyze composite parts in their to-be-manufactured state, eliminate ambiguities, and prevent over designing. explore the fibersim features composite engineering & design supporting the entire composite product development process from preliminary design to detailed analysis, modeling, and manufacturing seamless integration delivering accuracy and eliminating the need for approximation, interpretation, or translation with seamless integration in major commercial cad packages, like siemens nx bi-directional exchange eliminating manual data entry and interpretation by enabling the accurate exchange of metadata and geometries with cad and cae tools decision support environment boosting product optimization with the ability to import and update cad models from cae composite parts representations hd user experience high-definition user experience for refining and visualizing imported cae ply boundary definitions and incorporating them in the master model

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Maya HTT

Maya HTT has been working hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest engineering and manufacturing companies on their journey towards digitization where AI and ML are playing an increasingly critical role: from product conceptual studies, to design optimization, to predictive engineering and maintenance analysis, automation, real-time data acquisition and analytics, to production planning and commissioning, and finally to turn resulting operational data into new businesses.

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