Factory.360 Platform

Ideas2IT’s Factory.360 platform provides a 360(degree) visibility of all your factory’s manufacturing floors in real time.


Product Descriptions

Our platform digitizes plant operator’s intelligence using pattern recognition algorithms on inputs from disparate sources such as machines, controllers, sensors, scada, erp, crm, shopfloor, and unstructured data. the resulting mathematical models provide you actionable insights helping you to improve quality and reduce cost. our asset management system allows you to track all your assets across all plants and shopfloors. in integration with our ticketing system, it allows maintenance engineers to plan and track both scheduled and unscheduled work orders. our configurable rules and workflow engine enable you to easily customize the platform to fit the needs of your factory. our platform for augmented reality presents data to technicians in an interactive format allowing maintenance heads to virtually train new maintenance personnel. instead of leafing through pages of assembly manuals, engineers can utilize augmently.360 to interactively assemble complex machines with higher efficiency. factory.360 takes off the weight of day to day activities so that you can focus on your core business. the factory.360 framework acquisition consumes machine data, shop floor data (structured and unstructured), and enterprise data in raw form. data from relational databases such as rdbms, semi-structured data and binary data is collected in its original format and pooled into a data lake. this collection of data allows you to scale to data of any size, while saving time of defining data structures, schema, and transformations. cleansing, de-duplication and aggregation of large amounts of data is performed so as to host a complete set of data sufficient for a 360-degree view of your factory. analysis we have a highly scalable streaming and analytics platform with pre-built models. our data analysis platform leverages workflow engine, rules engine, machine learning, deep learning, and ai logics like krr to deduce patterns based on historical data and external data from sensors. it implements analytics and visualization use cases such as plant-wise performance and factors contributing to machine failure. the platform also offers insights to decrease downtime, identify risks and optimize machine efficiency, allowing you to stop guessing and start predicting. action factory.360 provides multiple features such as predictive maintenance, asset maintenance, augmented reality, and dashboards with real-time metrics and views that you need for a inside out view of your factory. it also provides audience-based perspectives and actionable insights for each persona – operations manager, maintenance manager, plant manager, gm. maintenance manager, cfo, etc. for example, a cio can pull up a performance comparison across plants, a cfo can look at the macro factors impacting bottomline, while a line manager can get an equipment fixed before it fails, etc. asset management tracks all your it and non it assets in one place establishing a clean baseline and tight control over your assets. it assets are automatically discovered using our discovery engine. fasset.360 allows you to track warranty, define conditions for monitoring of assets, manage maintenance activities (routine and non routine), track depreciation and asset replacement, and gain a complete view of distribution of your assets across factories. in sync with our workflow engine and rules engine, our asset management platform lends itself to easy customization of workflow and fields leading to lower development cost and time.

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Ideas2IT was able to deliver a complex minimum viable product in a very short window. Their product management involved compartmentalizing functionalities, which was a cost-effective choice. Founder IdeaLyst Inc



The team of Ideas2IT are cooperative and professional. We were in the middle of switching vendors and found their team capable of handling our project Ken Radaptive

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