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IntelliChief’s ECM software can help you quickly and efficiently manage the content that drives your business forward each and every day. With a comprehensive

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Our approach to enterprise content management our enterprise content management system is designed for: document imaging and storage intellichief creates digital copies of your documents. as emails, pdfs, and paper-based documents come in, they’re captured and stored in a secure electronic database. your employees don’t have to waste time retrieving and storing documents in your mailroom, or distributing them for manual processing. learn more about document imaging and storage. document data extraction intellichief classifies new content by type. it collects the metadata and sends it to your enterprise resource planning system. once that data is in your erp, it’s instantly accessible across your entire organization – and can be used to streamline a variety of core business functions. document retrieval our ecm software keeps your documents neatly organized and easily searchable. you can search for content using any information, even if you’re working in another business system. (to keep your data secure, custom controls let you specify which users can access each file or class of content.) document routing intellichief delivers the right documents to the right people at the right time. you don’t have to do the unnecessary work of printing, shipping, and sending your records to different departments or business units; our document routing technologies do all of this behind the scenes. each user can view any content that requires their review from a streamlined dashboard; automatic notifications ensure that every workflow remains on track. document processing and workflow automation intellichief can complete your most time-consuming workflows behind the scenes. not only do you save time on the routine tasks that you have to complete, but you can reduce your operating costs as part of the process. you can manage all of your content – both traditional and electronic – from a single platform. and, thanks to real-time integrations with your other business systems, you don’t have to spend valuable time on repetitive processes. once data is in intellichief, it’s automatically synced with your other applications. and it doesn’t matter which technologies you use; our content management software can integrate with any erp or business system. learn more about our ecm integrations. our products our base software provides all the tools you need to get started with ecm. for even more functionality, you can add any of the following modules, at any time: intellichief email import server intellichief analytics server intellichief export link server intellichief capture enterprise intellichief folder import server intellichief mobile access server intellichief fax link intellichief barcode module intellichief integrationlink intellichief retention manager intellichief visual workflow designer our solutions can scale with your business. our professional services team can help you modify your ecm software as your needs change. add users, update permissions, automate additional workflows, or optimize new business processes to meet your company’s goals. the financial justification for ecm intellichief ecm is more than a document management system. it makes crucial processes faster and less expensive – which in turn can make a significant impact on your bottom line. in many cases, our solutions provide a complete return on investment in less than one year. not only do you spend fewer resources on manual administration, but you can expand the functionality of the programs you already use. it’s a win-win for every department. discover intellichief’s best in class ecm software solutions intellichief is the leading ecm software solution for enterprise-class businesses looking to streamline business-critical processes across their entire organization. with an unparalleled ability to integrate with any erp system, our feature-rich software helps companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year. to learn more about enterprise content management, contact intellichief. our team can help you find out just how much you could save with the right solution. or, to see what other companies have achieved with intellichief’s ecm software, visit our resource library for immediate access to our case studies and white papers.

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IntelliChief helps companies save time, reduce errors, and lower their operating costs.

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