Most businesses tell us that software is too complex nowadays. We provide an effective single dashboard from which to manage all your dialogues across all messa

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We're simple one platform to rule them all most businesses tell us that software is too complex nowadays. we provide an effective single dashboard from which to manage all your dialogues across all messaging platforms. ebo is built with a fresh ui that you’ll ‘get’ right from your first use. did you know that 68% of most software products are unused due to unnecessary complexity? one platform to rule them all design your conversations create conversations your customers love look at your most common customer success scenarios, they are nearly all similar. we work to drastically cut costs related to the handling of repetitive questions. our ai experts are seasoned wordsmiths that deliver the conversations you need to adopt as a customer-first business. you can also add images, documents, forms, videos and links within ebo. did you know that about 80% of all questions reaching a call centre are identical in nature? design your conversations book a free consultation with an ai expert customise your workflows intelligent control of your conversations just as humans have control of their conversations, ebo gives you full control of your conversational in-app flow. with a simple drag and drop interface, you can manage the actions, triggers, data and content of your customer conversation through customisable workflows. customise your workflows using active learning ai that understands what users really mean ebo uses machine-learning to understand your customers queries – whether they are well articulated or not. we analyse your existing data to create training sets for our ai and then apply assisted self-learning techniques to keep the language library updated. did you know that 64% of customers expect companies to use bots to offer 24/7 service? using machine learning book a free consultation with an ai expert supercharged reach engage across languages, channels and devices easily manage your global customer interactions and growth with several natively supported languages. deploy ebo across any platforms including facebook messenger, slack, telegram and alexa. engage with users on-the-go whether through their smartphone, wearable or voice-activated assistant. did you know that most users hop across multiple channels before making a commitment to book or purchase? supercharged reach human assisted assurance ensure the quality of your conversations through deep insights filter and search through thousands of conversations to develop actionable insights on consumer behaviour, strategic opportunities of operational issues. create alerts for human agents to step-in when a human is needed to square a circle, or just use ebo’s live conversation manager to audit ongoing conversations. did you know that year-on-year companies double their engagement with customers to meet their expectations? human assisted assurance book a free consultation with an ai expert partner integrations hook up with the rest of your data ecosystem ebo plays nicely with other platforms. with ebo’s integration tools, you can send and receive events to and from ebo as notifications, xml or api calls. out of the box, we support industry leading applications including crms, ecommerce suites, appointment management systems and much more. did you know that for many marketers full integration across all channels is a key differentiator? partner integrations control & privacy compliance isn’t just a word it’s a business imperative for many of our customers in the bfsi and healthcare sectors. ebo allows users to control the data they share with companies and offers a transparent approach to data collection. the operational framework is gdpr compliant and our ai specialists are trained in pro-privacy design techniques. ebo is safe for your brand. did you know that most businesses regard privacy as a competitive differentiation and not merely a compliance-cost? control and privacy using deep analytics learn from every interaction every action in ebo is stored in an immutable record set allowing you to review or forecast behaviour. irrespective from the channel, language or time, you’ll have a single view of the customer via a single dashboard. did you know that 83% of european marketeers feel that understanding customers remains their principal analytical priority?

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"We’ve chosen EBO.AI as a partner to help us adopt innovative technology that allows us to scale and deliver services more efficiently and effectively to our customers." Peter Bugeja Head of Technology Solutions & Digital



"We’ve chosen EBO.AI as a partner to support our journey of incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our core business offering." Mark Micallef CFO

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