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Dropthought is a comprehensive feedback management and intelligence engine that seamlessly enables customers or employees to share instant feedback, privately. with dropthought, customers and businesses work together to improve experiences, interactions, events and trends. dropthought effectively tracks customers’ feedback and provides powerful actionable insights. dive deep into the mind of customers to know their thoughts and empower your business. capture the time value of feedback dropthought gathers & analyzes feedback and sentiment ratings in real-time, providing the information you need to make critical interventions and improve experiences dashboard dropthought provides an instant view of all your feedback sources and trends on one screen. drill down to see feedback for each location with just one click simple & intitutive dropthought is easy to use and quick to deploy – get started with minimal effort custom reports dropthought specializes in analysing open comments using a proprietary text analytics engine. we use the latest natural language processing and machine learning techniques to discover relevant insights from unstructured data mobility & anytime, anywhere access capture feedback anywhere with dropthought’s mobile app. ask users questions which they can reply to, with just a click, from their smartphones

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