Digital customer case management to deliver enhanced seamless and customer experience

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Cuetrack is a comprehensive customer service management product solution that helps you extensively manage customer complaints, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. cuetrack provides a 360o view of customer cases to service desk officials hence improving transparency, turnaround time and eliminating bottlenecks. cuetrack comes with built-in intelligent workflows, integrated bss-oss support, automated case assignment, automated survey management, field force management and user-friendly ui, to deliver end-to-end tracking of cases and effective complaints management. helps you provide your customers an omni channel experience of your enterprise your customers have all gone digital. cuetrack helps you to provide your customers a unified experience of your enterprise across multiple channels. they can raise issues, put in requests or just share feedback through the website, call center, social media or kiosks seamlessly. get your service desk to become customer service genies cuetrack helps you equip your service desk executives with a comprehensive dashboard of the all the customers’ resources to get a quick view of the customer. they can enable quick service fulfilment by getting service engineers assigned at the right time. you can also power your mobile workforce with the cuetrack mobile application so they can work and close tickets on-the-go. analyze and act. powerful analytics based on customer information, service history, location, timelines, service types and so on, offer deep insights on the performance of your service desk and the efficiencies of your case management capabilities.

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