Cuecent Retina

A real-time integrated analytics platform

AI Technology:

Product Descriptions

Cuecent retina is an integrated analytics platform with powerful capabilities to collect, validate and process data from multiple data sources and provide multi-parameter predictive modeling, using advanced statistical methods, ai techniques, evolutionary algorithms and constraint optimization tools. solutions developed on the retina platform work in asset-intensive organizations, helping monitor, maintain and optimize assets for better utilization and performance. the retina suite of solutions offers real-time insights with actionable intelligence for cxos, operations heads / plant heads, supervisors and managers. retina is built with provision to rapidly build complex rule embedding artificial intelligence algorithms to enable high-end decision support process dynamic kpi computation and visualization enabling analytics in-depth informational dashboards and portals real-time work flow triggers through bpm systems integration real-time adaptors for popular enterprise applications such as ibm maximo, oracle ebs, sap ecc 6.0 / r3, obiee, sap bi and cots mes & lims solutions engineered using retina for asset-intensive industries heat rate advisor the heat rate of your power plant is inversely proportional to overall efficiency. our heat rate advisor - a robust and sophisticated monitoring & reporting solution, helps you manage your plant effectively. well-site activity monitoring well-site activity monitoring is a powerful predictive analytics based product that acquires and analyzes real-time data from rigs to deliver improved operational effectiveness. it helps assess rig drilling performance instantaneously and provides real-time aggregated views of multiple drilling operations. renewables solutions enhance keep track of wind farms and solar parks in real-time there is a constant need to increase power generation and efficiencies to sustain under continuous price pressures and regulatory challenges. any delays in reporting would have a direct impact on power production, which cannot be afforded by renewable energy companies. retina enhance is an oem agnostic real-time asset monitoring solution built to monitor and efficiently manage your renewable business operations. keep track of your wind farms/solar parks operations, in real-time, and track variations in power generation and transmission, whenever and wherever. empower predict downtimes, find anomalies, increase revenue! renewable asset owners have a challenge to know where and why they lose revenue. with ever increasing prices and business portfolios, it has become essential to integrate analytics for optimized business operations. retina foresight helps you visualize, analyze & optimize power generation, and minimize downtimes. it provides the means to identify underperforming assets and predict component level failures, helping you understand and manage your assets better. machine and deep learning are used extensively to predict outcomes and add unparalleled business value.

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