Covid-19 Crisis Response Appbots

AutomationEdge is proud to contribute in this fight against the global Covid-19 pandemic with the release of two crisis response AppBots: 1-Covid-19 Self Report

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Accelerate your crisis response management using apps powered with hyperautomation automationedge is proud to contribute in this fight against the global covid-19 pandemic with the release of two crisis response appbots: 1-covid-19 self report appbot 2-covid-19 outreach appbot these apps use rpa technology enabling employees to notify about their health status to their employers these covid-19 appbots are made available to every size of organization worldwide absolutely free for one year and has : -no license cost -no infrastructure cost automationedge will soon launch chatbot version of covid-19 self-report appbot too. covid-19 self report appbot covid-19 self report appbot enables employees to report their health status if they are exposed to the infection and observing any symptoms. employee managers, hr and response teams can take necessary actions through set of workflows on the basis of employee information. it will also help employees update their work related status and challenges. this increases engagement between employee and their managers. covid-19 outreach appbot covid-19 outreach appbot leverages automationedge platform to help companies connect with employees to assess the impact. employers can reach out by email to provide information and safety measures and request a response to confirm if employees are safe and where they are located. benefits of covid-19 crisis response appbots benefits of self report appbot -provides employees with a convenient way to notify their status of illness or exposure -enables managers, hr and response team to take appropriate actions. -helps employees notify employers work from home status and challenges benefits of outreach appbot -stay connected to employees -enables managers, hr and response team to take appropriate actions based on report and dashboard. -helps manage risk and improve efficiency

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