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What is ai for it automationedge ai for it helps automate most of the it issues in areas like end user support, networking, data centre, security and application support. ai bot can assist support staff with automatic resolution of remaining it tickets. automationedge ai understands the language of it with the help of its natural language understanding (nlu) and machine learning (ml) capabilities. the powerful pre-built ai assistant not only automates service fulfilment but also does end to end automation with autonomic resolution of the it tickets, quicker than anyone else.

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AutomationEdge is the preferred IT automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provider founded in February 2017, AutomationEdge is recognized globally by leading research firms like Gartner and Everest group. Helping companies across the continents, AutomationEdge has impressive clientele from the likes of American Express, Smart Dubai Government, COTY, ICICI Prudential, HDFC Bank to name a few. -AutomationEdge is only product mentioned in both the Gartner market guides – Gartner Market Guide for RPA and Gartner market guide for IT process automation. For more information, visit https://automationedge.com

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