What if a machine gives you tips about your skin problems? Well, with the help of AI, everything is possible. Appectual has developed an app for a very well kno

AI Technology:

Product Descriptions

Challenge for every beauty industry, it is important to give the right treatment to the specific skin problem. so identifying the exact skin problem is much cruical task. the challenge was to design an app which will tell cheryl's clients about their skin problems and suggest them an appropriate solution. solution appectual created an app which functions as per the requirement. the app learns your face by using ai technology, identifies all the face problems and suggest the best solution accordingly. predective analytics support system predective analytics support system predective analytics app predective analytics product catalogue predective analytics support systempredective analytics support systempredective analytics support systempredective analytics apppredective analytics product highlights detection of a face and it’s landmark points in an imagecomputation of the platform-independent skin color of our user's face approach scan the image face recognition using ai machine learning data analysis algorithm for recommendation

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