C-DOCZ is a document management system that allows you to scan, index, and archive all your paper documents.

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Upload your raw data upload your raw data files to process indexing converted to c-doc image format the raw data files are converted to c-doc image format applying ocr process applying ocr process to extract the text from the document search specified keywords search and identify the specified keywords from the documents to perform the indexing creating exact file what we need search and identify the specified keywords from the documents to perform the indexing merging final files to pdf extracted pages are merged as single pdf download the output file using front end tool we can download the output file by searching the keyword.




We have been using PARC/C-Docz since January 2019 to replace the old DMS solution that we had. With PARC/C-Docz we able to organize, index and archive our documents more effectively. We migrated to PARC/C-Docz because of its low fixed pricing model and low hardware requirements. As a customer, we now have full access to the indexed documents anytime without any proprietary encryption. Aside from this, the relationship that we have with Techvantage is similar to a partnership and not just as another vendor.” Harry Sible Head of IT at PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia

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