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Automation governance the target operating model governs the various roles across the program and enables the actors to make timely decisions, ensuring accountability. bot manager - creates different role types to define program governance. - provides a rolled-up status view for each role type. - enables you to define your own automation metrics and governance. - provides a one-window view for risk, and a blocker for every actor. customized workflow application - allows you to assess workflow delays against each actor. - proactively identifies the symptoms for the delay and makes early corrections. - identifies bottlenecks in the workflow. bot analytics bot analytics engine lies at the core of botstatz and enables you to: - easily analyze the data produced by bot activity. - create insightful reports and dashboards to track your kpis. - share reports and collaborate with your colleagues, during report creation and analysis. - slice and dice your bot performance data. - analyse and provide insights on bot behavior. automation feasibility - checks the use case feasibility, with roi templates. - customizes the roi template to include specific parameters. - allows you to set your own parameters to assess the use cases. governance & control -provides the capability to control automation workflow at every defined step. -shows the graphical view of actors and the required actions and if any pending steps. -highlights the bottlenecks to take swift action. -provides robust access level control to monitor role-based access at every level of the program. -enforces governance and drives consistency using an advanced stage gating and approval process.

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