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Your industry is about to be disrupted by new forms of IT like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Like never before! There would be some who would be disrupt

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the “kodak moments” that made businesses smile in the past are today the “kodak moments” of inability to appreciate the business impact of technology. with every technological advancement, the early adopters will benefit from a differentiated market position. the followers would be forced into the brave new ai powered world, kicking and screaming. business leaders need a working knowledge of these technologies and the skills to use them effectively for re-imagineering your business. do the board members and business leaders within your organisation have the knowledge of ai-based technologies to steer the company into unchartered waters? we offer workshops for business leaders to learn about ai and robotics in the context of business model innovation within their industry. the agenda includes introducing the technologies, sharing several use cases before the participants explore use cases they can take to their workplaces. by bringing in leading ai researchers and professors as trainers, we augment our practical implementation experience with the latest in ai research. we follow the workshop up with coaching calls to assist managers with the implementation. artificial intelligence is a powerful road-roller. one could get stuck like a rabbit in its headlights and become “road-kill”. to ride the roller and build your own ai-first road, please contact us at [email protected]

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Robonomics AI. Applied Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning top Gartner’s Strategic Tech Trends for 2017 as well as 2018. They have substantial potential across all industries and functions like driving growth, cutting costs, reducing risk and enhancing customer experience. However, it is daunting for user organisations to cut through the hype and experiment with AI based solutions that can make a difference to their business. It is even harder to train and retain scarce talent to run such operations. Robonomics AI is an Australia-born multi-national startup that helps organisations re-imagineer their business and disrupt their industries using AI and Robotics based technologies. We are pioneering an Ai-First approach to Digital Transformation, which supports clients throughout their automation journey of 5 Es - education, envisioning, experimentation, executing and excelling. We bring together world changing technologies and stitch them together to solve client problems. These technologies include Robotics Process Automation, Process Mining, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Drones.

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