Automl Platform

TAZI platform provides SaaS automated Machine Learning (AutoML) solutions for insurance, banking & finance, retail and telecoms industries.

AI Technology:

Product Descriptions

Tazi platform provides saas automated machine learning (automl) solutions for insurance, banking & finance, retail and telecoms industries. already off-the shelf solutions include profitability and growth micro-segmentation, claim risk prediction, churn prediction, fraud detection, credit risk scoring and non-performing loan prediction. thanks to our easy-to-use platform, we are able to address any use case requested by our customers in a tailor-made way as well. tazi is domain expert focused. it allows organizations to empower their (expensive and scarce) data scientists and it also brings understandable and business kpi focused automl to the hands of business users. thus, tazi brings businesses cost reduction, increased efficiency, enhanced (dynamic) business insights, new business (uncovered) and business automation. these lead to revenue increases and cost reductions for our customers. tazi platform is composed of tazi deploy, tazi profiler, tazi hunt, tazi live, tazi insights and tazi dashboard.

How It Works



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