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AutomationEdge is first in the industry to offer RPA as a Service (RPAaaS). AutomationEdge RPA as a Service is a matured, complete SaaS solution with true multi


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Automationedge rpa on cloud advantage automationedge rpa as a service model enables secure and scalable automation at a very affordable cost. affordable rpa on cloud automationedge rpa on cloud offers very flexible pricing with rapid automation for the enterprises. rpa on cloud provides highly scalable and accessible solution. low cost of ownership automationedge on cloud solution saves huge cost of it infrastructure and its maintenance with increased uptime. you do not have to pay high server hardware and software costs. scalability and flexibility rpa bots can be scaled up on demand any time when you need. high availability, scalability and security of rpa server, orchestrator and bot controller is taken care of in rpa on cloud offering. easy to maintain automationedge on cloud solution frees you from constant on-premise maintenance cost and reduces system downtime and costs for solution upgrade. quick roi automationedge rpa on cloud is easy to deploy and has low turnaround time for implementation thus offering quick roi realization. high security and compliance automationedge rpa cloud is well tested and compliant with iso/iec 27001:2013 international standards and guidelines for security. automationedge rpa on cloud differentiators ai driven platform automationedge ai capabilities help automate more than just mundane tasks. with ml & nlp, automationedge can handle unstructured data and provide prediction capabilities which can help in areas like customer support, sales, risk and compliance. 250k in 10 seconds 10x faster data processing many processes in the organization are data oriented which are mundane in nature and time consuming. automationedge is the fastest data processing rpa platform with the speed of 10 to 1000 times faster to help reduce turnaround time significantly. on demand for peak hours time dependent processes like salary processing, order processing or regulatory reporting are difficult to handle due to spikes in demand. for such processes, we have introduced pay per use bots. spend less, automate more multi-threading rpa bots single automationedge bot can be used to automate multiple processes simultaneously which increase speed drastically and brings down tco due to reduction in requirement of number of bots. integrated automation platform, beyond rpa automationedge is enterprise wide automation platform with robotic process automation (rpa), it process automation (itpa), etl, ipaas, ai as core capabilities. low code and pro code development automationedge drag and drop and smart recording capabilities make it easier for to build automations. at the same time, automationedge supports scripting in different languages like java, python to build complex business logic making it easy to adopt rpa solution enterprise wide. bot store 400+ ready connector and workflow bots are available in automationedge bot store. this reduces time and efforts to deploy new automated processes significantly. all connectors and workflows are listed in automationedge bot store and most of them are free to download.

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AutomationEdge is the preferred IT automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provider founded in February 2017, AutomationEdge is recognized globally by leading research firms like Gartner and Everest group. Helping companies across the continents, AutomationEdge has impressive clientele from the likes of American Express, Smart Dubai Government, COTY, ICICI Prudential, HDFC Bank to name a few. -AutomationEdge is only product mentioned in both the Gartner market guides – Gartner Market Guide for RPA and Gartner market guide for IT process automation. For more information, visit

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