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AutomationEdge IT Automation automates repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident response and resolution. It offers advance capabi


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Automationedge it automation automates repetitive and routine it tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident response and resolution. it offers advance capabilities like rpa, chatbot, machine learning and rapid api integrations. what more can be done? service desk intelligent automation service desk automation automate password resets with rpa password reset automation it automation for noc systems noc and event resolution automation service desk automation empower the business users through self-service, and the automated delivery of services through 24 x7 automation service catalog.10 to 40% tickets (incidents and service requests) will get resolved automatically using automationedge. service desk automation will help you fulfill common service requests from business users like shared folder access, vm creation, ad user creation, user creation in business applications, employee onboarding and offboarding etc automatically without involving it. this will help you reduce costs of support, eliminate errors and achieve greater csat due to faster (almost instantaneous) response to users. password reset automation increasing applications and devices brings the complexity of rising password reset request and account unlock requests. this increased password complexity directly correlates to increased helpdesk calls, this is not only expensive, but also a big distraction for the service desk team and a costly use of employee time, when they could be focusing on the productive business activities. automationedge self service password reset increases password security without limiting productivity when a user forgets a password of directory service like active directory or business applications. password reset for workflow automation noc and event resolution automation it and network operations center is the focal point for 24/7 monitoring and management of business applications , databases, platforms, systems and networks. automationedge helps in automation of common noc tasks and automated resolution of events including: -server restart -service restart -health check of systems and applications -log purge….etc the automation can be triggered from service request console (one touch automation) or through event from monitoring tool or regular maintenance routines.

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AutomationEdge is the preferred IT automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provider founded in February 2017, AutomationEdge is recognized globally by leading research firms like Gartner and Everest group. Helping companies across the continents, AutomationEdge has impressive clientele from the likes of American Express, Smart Dubai Government, COTY, ICICI Prudential, HDFC Bank to name a few. -AutomationEdge is only product mentioned in both the Gartner market guides – Gartner Market Guide for RPA and Gartner market guide for IT process automation. For more information, visit

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