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AutomationEdge Bot Store has many ready to use automations which can be used in the RPA projects ranging from small utilities to full-fledged library of ready a


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Automationedge and its partners are constantly adding more and more automationedge bots in the automationedge bot store, such as: -automationedge for it -automationedge for hr -automationedge for spreadsheet processing -automationedge for erp -automationedge for crm -automationedge for aml -automationedge for google analytics and many more… automationedge for crm automationedge for crm gives you the power to integrate crm with any of other automationedge bots and other applications in your enterprise using rpa to achieve end to end automation. automationedge for crm allows you to automate crm activities using ready actions. trigger action in rpa workflow when new case, new task, new lead, new note, new contact, new opportunity, new event is created in crm allows rpa workflows to find case, find an account, find a contact, find a lead, find a folder, find an opportunity, find an event, find a task and much more. automationedge for it automationedge it automation automates repetitive and routine it tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident response and resolution. it offers advance capabilities like rpa, chatbot, machine learning and rapid api integrations. automationedge for it offers: library of 250+ ready actions for it systems to automate common it processes and tasks (e.g. service desk automation, end user support, datacenter operations). automationedge for spreadsheet processing automationedge for spreadsheet enables you to do more with spreadsheet by connecting it to other automationedge bots and applications . automationedge helps you integrate your spreadsheet with other applications more smoothly and safely. automationedge for spreadsheet allows you to automate countless tasks : -triggers action in rpa workflow when a new row is added or updated in a worksheet. -triggers when a new row is added to a table in a spreadsheet. -triggers when a new worksheet is added to a spreadsheet. -allows rpa workflow to execute actions such as update row ,add row or table to a table or worksheet automationedge for hr automationedge for hr offers automation of your hr management activities , it enables you to connect your hr system with any other applications using ready actions like: employee on-boarding , employee off-boarding 1.assess, prepare and create new joiner data -streamline information across disparate corporate systems for preparation on day 1 -consolidate leaver input from business areas and feed to downstream systems 2.allows rpa workflow to execute action on hr system to create email account, add to mailing list , generate phone extensions, update list, request access card, create account , send information on credentials automationedge for google analytics automationedge for google analytics offers insight into the data for human decision making. with automationedge for google analytics you can automate data extraction and reporting analytics. automationedge bot store has ready bots that enables you to connect google analytics with any application. automationedge can automate various triggers and actions such as : -update cascade goal with user traffic data from google analytics -instantly update google analytics goals in

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AutomationEdge is the preferred IT automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provider founded in February 2017, AutomationEdge is recognized globally by leading research firms like Gartner and Everest group. Helping companies across the continents, AutomationEdge has impressive clientele from the likes of American Express, Smart Dubai Government, COTY, ICICI Prudential, HDFC Bank to name a few. -AutomationEdge is only product mentioned in both the Gartner market guides – Gartner Market Guide for RPA and Gartner market guide for IT process automation. For more information, visit

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