Think beyond bots that only automate tasks. Automate enables the automation of entire complex business processes and empowers your teams to do what the

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Transform your business processes automate is the only app-based intelligent automation platform that lets you implement, manage and monitor enterprise-wide automation, so you can deliver on the promise of business transformation. automate’s single dashboard combines the power of rpa, ml, ai, document processing, workflow and analytics, to support the end‑to‑end lifecycle management of automation with a human-in-the-loop approach so you can actually achieve significant roi. features intelligent document processing the only hybrid document processing engine with self learning machine models that can handle structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents without the need to create machine models from scratch. ml based automation, simplified a native machine learning workspace that helps both non-data science and data science professionals with building and leveraging ml models – truly democratizing machine learning based automation. app-based automation studio leverage’s powerful automation studio that allows you to automate beyond tasks. integrate automation with native document processing, workflow, ml and analytics with a few clicks. configurable forms and workflows empower business users to easily build custom forms and workflows to handle complex business user interactions and validations. use cases kyc process automation with intelligent rpa kyc processes are tedious, expensive and inaccurate. automate’s result focused and intuitive app takes over the monotonous tasks seamlessly. not only are your documents read accurately, the app learns over time and improves itself, minimizing human intervention. hyperautomating group airline bookings managing group travel bookings can be a drain on customer service teams. at the very least, each booking can take 3+ hours to complete. enter automate. with a single smart bot, we can process more than 10,000 transactions, every single day. transforming finance and accounting processes companies that have implemented the automate app for f&a report that they are able to realize returns on their investment in six months or less. with success rates as high as 85%, we’ve made this critical process more foolproof, nimble, and cost-effective. in action adaptable and ready‑to‑deploy our versatile dashboard allows you to build workflows with a few clicks, without having to make changes to existing business applications. powerful data analytics our data engine performs data cleansing, analytics and reconciliation to solve complex reporting and reconciliation problems.

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