Continuous test automation powered by AI and ML. Assure provides your teams a ready-to-deploy, end‑to‑end platform which makes the testing process

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Product Descriptions

Transform your testing processes assure is the only low code ai-based integrated test automation platform that lets you automate your tests across your entire software lifecycle. combines the capabilities of end‑to‑end test automation, devops integration, test data management and ai, so you can implement intelligent and agile continuous testing automation across your enterprise. features low code end‑to‑end test automation assure works seamlessly across the entire testing lifecycle. integrate across web, desktop and even legacy systems with a few clicks. it’s easy drag-drop-and-connect interface ensures you can start testing from the word go. smarter testing that gets better with time assure’s cognitive testing capabilities powered by ai and ml self-learn and ensure improved accuracy of your tests over time, predicting what to test. devops and continuous testing ready assure provides built in connectors to manage your end‑to‑end devops cycle right from requirements, test cycles, defects and deployment. hyper apps for test automation domain-ready hyper apps – be it retail, banking or manufacturing. leverage our pre-built testing automation apps across standard enterprise applications including sap, sfdc, ibm and more. use cases automated testing of order management lifecycle for retailers a typical order management lifecycle has numerous steps, all dependent on the smooth and cohesive functioning of different systems and platforms. this results in a high possibility of the lifecycle breaking down, and leading to frustrations for the customer and retailer alike. with assure, you can automate your testing process, making it smart, fast and accurate. in action smart test data management our cognitive data platform chooses the right test data for you. no more test data creation hassles. your test cycles get faster with automatic data selection. manage data privacy challenges in testing leverage the big data platform of assure to cleanse, transform and scramble data to adhere to your data privacy requirements.

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