AmberFlux Opus for Telecom

AmberFlux Opus enables telecoms to move the cloud-based AI inferencing to edge devices for rapid deployed and at scale.

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AmberFlux Opus for Telecom product range provides cognitive inferencing at low cost edge devices like mobile phones, Wifi routers, IOT, low-cost devices and edge server infrastructure. Enterprises can leverage their existing networking infrastructure and devices for enabling them for EdgeAI for sensor data analysis and IoT. Opus’s deep learning model ensures both learning and inferencing can be done on the Edge Devices powered by low-cost, low-power processors, including most of the existing generation of microcontrollers. Opus framework enables AmberFlux to release EdgeAI inference microproducts in 30-60 days per feature to ensure our customers can have the early mover advantage.

As the backbone for the IoT and Edge revolution, propelled by expectations from 5G, telecom companies need to have real-time usage patterns of their customers, both consumer and enterprise, to ensure that they provide the right network optimization. Telecom companies need real-time on data usage patterns by their consumer and enterprise customers to enable them to optimize their network.

Using Opus microproducts, telecom companies can enable usage patterns at the customer level like voice, data, gaming, streaming video, wearables, IoT devices to both the telecom company and end-user for better management of the usage patterns.

Telecom companies can use Opus microproducts to obtain insights on the usage patterns at an aggregate level at the cell site level, location, or regional levels and optimize their edge computing infrastructure. Telecom companies can take predictive enhancements based on the usage patterns.

Combining the data from Opus and network usage data from routers and switches, Telecom companies can have an unparalleled view on their customers and provide the best solutions tailor-made for that customer. Telecom companies can optimize their network based on the location, usage patterns, user mobility for enhanced customer experience.

Opus provides flexibility to update customer-end devices with additional features, policy updates and inferencing accuracy at a time that is convenient to the user.

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AmberFlux EdgeAI Pvt Ltd

AmberFlux EdgeAI microproducts enables enterprises to move their cloud-based AI inferencing to edge devices for rapid deployed and at scale with localization capabilities.

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