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Churn prediction analyzing past client lifecycles and the likelihood of churn churn is a challenge for many organizations. implementing a model that analyzes past client life cycles and the likelihood of churn, creates real business value. this way, organizations can be proactive and take action to reduce the risk of churn and offer insights into the reasons why a customer is likely to churn. message routing managing information overload organizations and especially people within support and service functions are familiar with the amount of messages and information they can get on a daily basis. it is often a challenge to process and forwards the right information to the right person. a way to solve this challenge is message routing. prediction of interest payment determining repayment ability to prevent non-paying customers for many credit giving institutions, it is essential to know which loan recipient is more creditworthy and who is risky. credit classification predicts how likely a person is to pay interest on the loan. the solution will highlight factors that classify good credit users and risky ones. lead qualification lowering acquisition costs and extending customer lifetime focus on acquiring the right customers is paramount to ensure low acquisition cost and high customer lifetime. ai can help sort out which leads are worth spending time and efforts on, and thereby target the right customers. insurance claim rejection lower legal costs and insights into common claim issues claim management accounts for a large part of costs for insurance companies. insurance claim rejection models deliver an overview of the likelihood that a filed claim is at risk of being fraudulent, incomplete, etc., and needs to be rejected. this enables insurance companies to lower legal costs and get insights into common issues in claims. fraud prediction efficient screening to classify fraudulent transactions financial fraud accounts for a significant amount of money globally. knowing the likelihood of fraud in a transaction, as well as the drivers behind it, can enable the company to lower its rate of fraud through preventing transactions, or conducting more efficient screening. price prediction determining the best price to stay competitive determining the right prices for products and services is a critical task for most companies. price prediction models deliver an overview of the price which will be accepted by the market. additionally, the company gets insight into which features drive the price for each product or service, enabling it to direct its product development efforts and price decisions. ticket sorting decrease response time to improve customer experience many companies still sort tickets manually, spending a lot of time on ticket distribution instead of resolving customer issues. with automated ticket sorting, companies decrease response time and improve customer experience, while freeing resources for customer assistance.

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2021.AI is an advanced technology company delivering next-generation technology, AI, Machine Learning, and algorithms. Our mission is to ensure that every organization can apply next-generation technology to continuously extract new insights and value from data. We aim to offer every organization access to advanced algorithms and Machine Learning through our proprietary AI technology, to extract business value in the most simple, intuitive, and user-friendly way.

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