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I fast forward is a powerful video processing software developed at synergy labs which boasts of features like rapid file compression, fool-proof motion detection and person detection. newer versions will include object recognition, night vision motion trackers as well. we’re also developing advanced background subtraction for high accuracy video processing. key features: space ai fast forward helps you compress your video files with minimum loss and retaining highest quality. so far video skimming is done via conventional method of skipping frames with simple multipliers such as 2x, 4x etc but if we go too fast we risk missing important frames and if we go too slow it is highly time consuming and needs a lot of resources to monitor. we will pack all your video information to reduce all non motion data from the file. smaller files can be reviewed and sent across faster, and lead to saving time and resources significantly. size ai fast forward also contains compression techniques for files where image quality may not becriteria and can be reduced. this is known as lossy compression and our lossy techniques produce flawless video frames with a pixel compromise that is hardly visible to the naked eye. our algorithms trace all parts of your videos and produce compressed files that fly across networks while retaining their aesthetic integrity. quality ai fast forward develops a high-quality video experience for you and your viewers while keeping your files shorter, and light to stream. we value quality and our algorithms will retain there solution of your videos while working extensively to reduce the size of the files while maintaining the video quality packed into a much smaller file size. we offer you a lower bit rate and high efficiency video compression. we utilize transform coders and prediction to delay, overlay and deduct frames to ensure a smooth transition and a remarkable video experience. lossless compression synergy labs utilises transformations patial compression techniques to scale and reduce all still image frames in your video frame. we implement lossless compression techniques on these frames for a very light output bit stream. we carefully compare all video frames to each other and all repetitive or motionless frames are copied bit-for-bit to save space and transfer times. motion deduction you video data is a continuous series of image frames and fields. our machine learning algorithms will remove any temporal or spatial redundancy from your video frames. this will involve removing redundancy from individual still image frames and fields, while removing waste pixels between any video frames for all video formats that you and your teams work with. we work on countless smaller pieces of each image to calculate threshold and detect contours. this works remarkably with variably lit images. when the contours are above threshold it helps us to identify motion.

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