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Commercial functions that are empowered by AI will allow organizations deploy effective brand strategies within complex customer ecosystems, and deliver personalized value propositions at scale.
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Customer Acquisition / Lead Generation

Advanced analytics on all sales data uncovers insights to increase sales effectiveness and generate leads for your sales reps leveraging databases and social networks

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Marketing Budget Allocation

Empower your teams and strategy by connecting all your marketing data and KPIs automatically.

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Channel Management

Capture share and customlize your marketing and across all marketing channels using advaned analytics

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Pricing & Promotion

Having a more direct impact on profitability than sales increase or cost cutting, Pricing can make or break a company’s future. AI allows deeper understanding of market dynamics that affect prices directly or indirectly.

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Next Best Offer / Recommendation Engine

Improve upsell and cross-sell capabilities through more relevant and accurate recommendations achieved through AI

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Churn Reduction

Advanced analytics on customer data uncovers insights that improve satisfaction and repeat sales

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Customer Service Management

Improve customer satisfaction through end-to-end digitization of customer sevice management

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Predictive Service/Intervention

Leverage Natural Langugage Processing and machine learning to estimate and manage customer's intent ...

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Social Media Analytics

Leverage Natural Language Processing and machine vision to analyze and act upon all content generate...

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Explore other ways to develop a customer-centric digital organization

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Bolt is a single, intelligent platform that replaces fragmented online checkout, payment, and fraud software. Bolt's lightning-fast checkout and precision fraud detection drive 10-100% revenue lift for ecommerce merchants.


A Predictive Data Management Platform that uses general data from the web, mobile or TV to make valuable and meaningful predictions.

Aguai Solutions Pvt Ltd

This company has no description.

Stradigi AI

Stradigi AI’s Kepler is an AI business platform that accelerates time to value and organizational scaling of data-driven projects.


This company has no description.

A highly personalized Virtual-Assistant-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform based on our core NLP engine, Personalization and Conversational AI platform to power IOT connected devices, OEM Smarthome assistants, OEM Smartphone/Smartwatches assistants, Connected/Self-driving car assistants as well as enable App developers to build new conversational interfaces to increase customer engagement across multiple platforms.

AmberFlux EdgeAI Pvt Ltd

AmberFlux EdgeAI microproducts enables enterprises to move their cloud-based AI inferencing to edge devices for rapid deployed and at scale with localization capabilities.


Smartloop exists to simplify the way brands grow, engage and serve their customers through automated conversational agents and artificial intelligence.

knowhere GmbH

We build intelligent chatbots and voice assistants for various platforms. Whether it's a web widget, Facebook Messenger or Alexa - our bots are where you need them.

Appectual IT Solutions

This company has no description.

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