We aim to democratize Artificial Intelligence.

We aim to democratize the most important technological breakthrough in human history, technology of intelligence.

Evolutionary increase of intelligence in homo sapiens changed the world, making humans the dominant species and enabling them explore planets beyond Earth. Increased intelligence can trigger a step change of similar proportions and we aim to be the platform for companies to lead that change.

We are building a transparent marketplace of companies offering B2B AI services. We allow companies to look beyond marketing speak, beyond huge marketing budgets to understand how they can use AI in their businesses and evaluate AI services objectively.

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appliedAI story

As a consultant, our founder, Cem was asked to find the right tech partners for Fortune 500. He tried to make data-driven decisions yet failed to find objective, transparent vendor data.

In the corporate world, he was asked to choose between vendors and found himself making quick judgements based on short presentations rather than data.

Seeing explosion of AI companies and numerous tech companies AI-washing their products, Cem saw an opportunity to bring data and clarity to this new market through appliedAI.com.

appliedAI.com is the most comprehensive source on AI companies. We help companies identify AI use cases & find the right vendors for their business.


Cem Dilmegani, CEO

Previously at McKinsey&Company, Cem has a decade of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies. He is passionate about data, AI and removing friction from the corporate world. He holds a MBA from Columbia Business School and has a computer engineering degree from Bogazici University. He believes that AI will eat software and make non-tech companies irrelevant.